Colorful brushstrokes

ART / PATTERN / TEXTILE   Inspired by a classic element: Stripes.   This design was created like a brushstrokes meditation, keeping attention to textures and shades.   Painting...

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Lush garden

ART / PATTERN / WALLPAPER   The idea behind this wallpaper design is express the love for plants and gardens. Nature inspire a lot, but...

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Ink dots

ART / PATTERN / TEXTILE   Bleeding dots is an abstract geometric pattern inspired by a thought: Watery spots reminds us about people, the coincidences,...

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Spring flowers

ART / PATTERN / TEXTILE   Who doesn't love flowers?   We're always waiting for Spring, the season when everything reborn and nature explode. Inspired by this...

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Wild strokes

ART / PATTERN / TEXTILE   Embracing abstraction and with the markers on the hand, wild strokes print was created like a jazz melody of...

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Cacti garden

ILLUSTRATION / PATTERN / TEXTILES   For this design, we painted our favorite cacti plants from the garden in a free and artsy way, first...

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Watercolor dots

ART / PATTERN / TEXTILE   In this design, we explore the relationships between dots with unexpected color combinations, in different shades, hues and saturation,...

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